AJ Grant

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How'd we get here anyway?

AJ Grant has been writing for over thirty years, provided you count the early years of crayon scribbles to be great writing, which AJ's parents do, thank you very kindly for asking them.

In addition to fridge doors, AJ's work has appeared in Salon.com, About.com, Torquere Press, Reflection's Edge, local newspapers, and even MTV (though the less said about AJ and that snake the better).

AJ lives in the suburbs 45 min outisde of New York City and, as someone who was raised in the city, is stunned to discover this hasn't resulted in an immediate urge to down a bottle of aspirin with a vodka chaser. Perhaps this is due to the time spent in London, Denver, and New Orleans, or perhaps this is due to AJ mellowing with age. Vegas odds strongly favor the former option.

When not obsessively typing away at the keyboard, AJ cooks, gardens, reads, knits, worships at the alter of TiVo, is dominated by two cats, and twitches like an addict until the keyboard is once more in hand again.