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Alleys and Doorways, Featuring "Underneath" by AJ Grant
"There's a what now?" John asked.
"Dragon. Underneath Grand Central." Peggy held up an open Tupperware container that she'd brought with her. "Chocolate ball?"

Sleeping Beauty, Indeed, Featuring "The Mute Princess" by AJ Grant
In another kingdom that was far, far away was a princess by the name of Adira. Adira was both beautiful and wise. She loved to spend her days reading in the great library of her mother's castle, and speaking with the sages and old women who advised her mother and who knew the secrets of the earth and the hidden languages of the stars.

Naughty, Featuring "Denial" by AJ Grant
"That wasn't advice," Paul said. "And please tell me that you did not actually use the word 'woo' in a sentence."


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Characters on the Couch: Depression
Wars, gunfights, predatory monsters, alien invasions, displaced populations, doomed kingdoms - genre fiction's strong themes lend themselves to strong emotion. But how do you keep characters' depression realistic, nuanced, and above all, readable? Staff Writer AJ Grant continues her series of psychology primers for writers.

Characters on the Couch: An Introduction to Psychology
Are your characters depressed? Phobic? Hallucinating? As authors, we know we should understand our characters as well as possible, but the brain is a complicated organ, and psychology can be a forbiddingly complicated science. Staff writer AJ Grant tells you what you need to know in a new series about mental illnesses that commonly appear in genre fiction.

How Not to Be Turned Into a Frog
Witchcraft isn't just the province of cauldron-stirring hags; it's also an increasingly mainstream religion. Learn how to add a little reality to your urban fantasy as staff writer AJ Grant walks you through the basics of modern-day Wicca and Neo-Paganism.

They Stake Dead Guys, Don't They?
Vampire myths existed all the way back in ancient Egypt, and before. But the modern vampire is very different from his forebears. AJ Grant explains when and why audience expectations changed, and how to write a vampire that will satisfy today's reader.

When a Man Loves Another Man
Male/male erotica is a healthy and growing market among both gay men and straight women. AJ Grant tells you the basic mechanics of gay sex, how to choose the right vocabulary for your market, and what tends to appeal to different audiences. (Warning: This article may not be appropriate for younger readers.)

Writing Realistic Dialogue
Many stories are made or broken by their dialogue. Realistic dialogue is sloppy, informal, and often uninformative - the opposite of the way we are taught to write.